Keitaro – Sandown FC sponsor 2020-21

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Keitaro is a Linux and Open-source software company that develops solutions powering today’s companies across a number of industries.

Since our start in 2012, we have been committed to helping our customers in every step of their project, from start to finish and beyond.

While you focus on your business, we are here to do the “heavy lifting”, by developing solutions that can make a major impact on the way to achieving your goals. No matter if you just have an idea or a detailed specification, our team can help you.

We love to innovate, follow the market and stay on top of the latest trends and bleeding edge technologies. Our goal is to provide best-of-class services and deliver solutions that go beyond the customers’ expectations.

We work with all types of business and organisations including US and Canadian Governments, United Nations, E-Health Africa, Shell and large global PLC’s.

Our international teams are based Macedonia, Sweden Germany, United Kingdom and the USA.